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Monday, November 26, 2018

EV powered by Solid H2


The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) announced on Sunday the launch of the country's first electric vehicle powered by solid hydrogen fuel emitted from Nanopowders.

This came in a press release, after a visit of KISR Director General, Samira Al-Sayed Omar to the program of nanotechnology and advanced materials at the Institute, where she looked at the prototype of the electric vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel.

The program was led by Osama Al-Sayegh, Executive Director of the Institute's Energy and Construction Research Center, as saying that the Center's Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Program has successfully launched the experimental prototype of an electric vehicle powered by solid hydrogen fuel emitted from Nanopowders.

"These powders were prepared by the Center's compound for chemically induced magnesium hydride adsorption by ultra-smooth granules of the glass alloy (ZrNiPd)," Al-Sayegh added.


Phonemonal. Good to see Gulf countries researching new energy, it looks like they landed on all fours again, blessed first with fossil resources, and lots of sunshine. As Australia is planning to do, they could easily become major exporters of energy, green this time, yet again.

Whenever I hear the word "solid" or "liquid" related to H, I pay attention, because it will mean even easier transportation. There is a company in Japan called Chiyoda who has Spera Hyd technology, that allows them to store fuel in liquid form, at regular temparature and pressure. Then H can be transported just like oil.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Going Bi

The spirit of the times this naive inclusivity of all things. Square or round? Why not both at the same time? Let's make sure noone loses, everyone is right. Stock market always goes up (thanks to FED with its easy money policy which is now ending), there are no disagreements.

This is how you get triangulation in politics, black-white president, healthcare that is both right and left, and delusional science who keeps talking about cats who are dead and alive, two major parties agreeing on all major things.

What people do not realize is this has a cost. There is a natural order of things, inclusivity of all, in concepts, in ideas will lead to major outburst elsewhere.

Parties define themselves through contrasts. Democratic process is setup through rivalry (natural order). Then, if one party agrees with another on all major issues, this will be read by the latter as an attempt to displace which will push them to define themselves on other, secondary issues. The former party can succeed in the attempt, but there will be a cost (Clinton could become a second Reagan, but not before the entire country burns). We are seeing the side-effects all around us. US is a mess.

There has to be a choice on major things. These choices need to be respected even if not given the nod at all times. A choiceless environment is only preferred by weak-minded people who are scared of making them.

This is why it is hilarious to hear Republicans talk about niceties, cooperation, pervading bi-partisanship. Dubya's "I'm a uniter not a divider" comes to mind, he even scored some points against Gore during a debate to "end fighting in Washington". The fighting is created by both sides, so they need it and actively fan the flames. But Republicans can use the line "end the fighting" because the kerkuffle is on their home turf, it's like saying "they agree with us everything else anyway, so there must be something wrong with this guy because he keeps on bitchin on I don't know what". Seemingly concillatory but fighting words while inside the fight. Vintage post Berlin Wall politics. Dubya was truly the master at this shit.


Q: U say inclusivity but then Alex Jones is not included, that's good no?

A: AJ needs to be given the right to stay apart, be seperate, needs to be given the right not to be included in the goo, in the mush that is today's politics.

Q: Why are we here (besides the Berlin Wall and the 'win' of capitalism)?

A: Culturally village-based thinking played a role. You are a farmer, you fuck sheep, stay close to your land, and to other people, this can trigger a sort-of 'gooey', 'grey' thinking that comes from being too close to too many people. We are not built for village dwelling. We are built for survival in harsh environments which requires making choices.

Q: You say (secondary) stupid issues but guns kill people, how can they be stupid?

A: I meant it is stupid that they become issues. Hence stupid issues. These are things that don't need to be divisive, are (were) not that pressing, and could be fixed easily. But they are weaponized for other reasons - no pun intended.

Q: Not pressing?

A: Sure. Climate change is serious as heart attack, but for a long time its effects could not be seen immediately. Same for gun violence, its regularity has increased recently, but people could not see their effect around them. Economic issues though, can be seen and felt immediately. You can either afford healthcare, or not. If not, you die. Have a $1000 for emergency? Most people do not. They know whether or not as clear as day.

Democrats chose not to fight for economics issues, so they end up with today's Republicans who, whenever a Dem person says something academic on climate change in an animated way, leans over to the guy next to them and say  'sounds like a fag to me'.

Q: If there is no mush, how does anything get done?

A: Left gets elected, enacts M4A, regulates. Right is elected, de-regulates. It goes back and forth. The parts that work will be kept (Canada did not abolish single-payer during its Conservative government). That's the kind of vacillation needed. You vacillate between choice #1 and #2, not  between mush #1 and #2.

Q: Do big corporations like the current choiceless environment?

A: Yes. It's good business, they have a stake in keeping it the way it is.

Q: But maybe the current kerkuffle can last for a while than go away

A: Not likely. Among the things Reps are toting for fears of being displaced, is culture (vote for me because I am like you, culturally). Culture defines nations (nationalism is something you half-mouth things abt and make jerkoff comments about it later, in post-modern world it has no place, but it is still somewhat there due to inertia), and therefore, there can only be one. Gellner says,

"[W]hen general social conditions make for standardized, homogeneous, centrally sustained high cultures, pervading entire populations [..] a situation arises in which well-defined educationally sanctioned and unified cultures constitute very nearly the only kind of unit with which men willingly and often ardently identify. The cultures now seem to be the natural repositories of political legitimacy [during modern times]. Only then does it come to appear that any defiance of their boundaries by political units constitutes scandal"

So if multiple cultures are fighting, that will end a nation.

All of that, entirely the fault of the centrist fucking Democrats.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Q&A - 21/11


The government policy that is inflating the money supply is the Chinese currency peg. China is a magnet for foreign capital, bringing in far more in exports and investment than it pays out. Normally, this would result in the value of foreign currencies depreciating relative to the local currency. But in order to maintain its fixed exchange rate, China's central banks buys all those extra dollars and euros, replacing them with renminbi. This means that the government is constantly expanding the money supply. And as long as that keeps happening, China will keep on experiencing elevated inflation.


Current scheme (huge foreign reserves) is inflationary for China. No matter at what level one keeps the local currency, you are never in control of your money supply because intense influx of foreign capital (exports, investments) has to be converted to local currency, at some level, and that can be inflationary.

[A physicist, paraphrasing] The state of the "quantum disagreement" in the phyics community is an embarrassment. 

The understatement of the year

They asked physicist their favorite interpretation of QM and the video shows the results. Even the CQM people are at 42%. Forty two. This is the mainstream! Caroll himself follows the Many-Worlds interpretation (at 18%). So for them Schrodinger's cat would not be dead and alive, but the dead cat and the alive cat would be....wait for it.. in different universes. Pffffff..fffff yeah man.. it blows my mind....

Let's clarify it with an example..

So the evil Shatner in one universe would have the dead cat. The good Shatner would have the alive cat.

Or the other way around..


After spending a little time learning about it many years ago, I quickly decided that I personally didn’t like pilot-wave theory [the deterministic version of QM], partly because it seems to me that it throws out all the deep, amazing and experimentally verified links between modern physics and mathematics that motivate what I love about the subjects

You wanna do sexy math basically

.. instead of focusing on what's really going on. This is coming from the guy blaming SUSY followers with similar needless adventurism  (which I agree with) when it comes to unified theories. I guess he was projecting a little.


Mr. Trump’s critics should continue fighting fiercely against his attempts — on Twitter and off — to undermine the rule of law, to rig the system in favor of himself and his cronies and to take down not only the Constitution but also quite possibly, if he gets the chance, the Ptolemaic model, Newton’s Law [..]

Ptolemaic model was already wrong  

.. and Copernicus took care of that.



You can despise Wikileaks and everything it stands for. You can think Assange is an evil spirit reanimated by Putin himself. But you cannot support the prosecution of a publisher for publishing without narrowing the basic rights every newspaper relies on.


Making Food from Electricity, Water and Air - Solarfoods


A Finnish company called Solar Foods plans next month to start making a kilo of food a day from nothing but electricity, water and air [with plans to scale].

The company will electrolyze water to produce hydrogen that is used, along with carbon dioxide and small amounts of trace elements, to feed microbes.

The microbial cells, with a protein content of up to 60 percent and an amino acid composition similar to soybeans or algae, will be heat-treated to form a fine powder, similar in appearance and texture to dried milk [..]

The company’s €1 million (USD $1.1 million) pilot plant, near the Finnish capital of Helsinki, is intended as a precursor to commercial-scale operations that could commence as early as the beginning of 2021, depending on European Food Authority (EFA) approval. [..]

If it gets approval, Solar Foods will make an investment decision on commercial production and could move to large-scale manufacturing, producing protein for 50 million meals a year, within 12 months. “We are already able to scale,” Vainikka said.

A full-scale plant would resemble a brewery, he said. Unlike a brewery, though, the microorganisms vital to the production process would feed off hydrogen and carbon dioxide instead of sugars from plant material.

“This is a fundamental difference compared to any of the foods on the market, or technologies or ways to produce food,” said Vainikka. “This way, we can disconnect from land use completely.”


They are also "teaming up with the European Space Agency to create a bioreactor that can make food on Mars".

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Q&A - 17/11


Is the universe inherently random because quantum mechanics says so

It says no such thing

The Copenhagen interpretation of QM makes that claim. Most Quantum Mechanics popularizes we see and hear on media follow the Copenhagen or the Many-World interpretation of QM. This interpretation is not the only one. All the weird results we hear originate from these two interpretations.

Another interpretation, pilot wave theory, explains exact same experiments (e.g. the double-slit experiment) without the funkiness. Schrodinger's cat issue is non-existent for PWT. Quantum computation still is possible, I think, bcz all three theories explain the same experiment results of which quantum computation would be one.

Why so many follow CQM then? Copenhagen QM allowed researchers to compute very easily, it also came first, and beyond that, the researchers really did not ask many questions. There is a certain lazyness if you ask me the way scientists avoid the deeper questions in this field. But they have been chasing their tail in so many other fields as well; as in String Theory.

PWT is deterministic, none of that "when measurement is made wave collapses then we see the electron, until then it goes through both slits".

David Bohm (died in 1992) did most of the recent work on PWT.  He is famous for saying "when students first take quantum mechanics they find they can't understand it and about a year later they say there's nothing to understand because it's just a system of computation".

Sheldon Goldstein is the current standard-bearer on the theory stateside.

Einstein was always uncomfortable with Copenhagen QM and he encouraged research on PWT.
He nagged at Niels Bohr for decades, he bugged him with thought experiments, Bohr answered, until his death apparently, a piece of formula found on his study's blackboard after is death was another Einstein question. He could be regularly heard in the hallways of this university mumbling "Einstein! Einstein!" after another curveball question.

PWT is deterministic but does not say randomness is completely removed from the world - there can be still place for that. Just not through flippin cats that are dead or alive, or electrons who are like just hangin out, doing whatever.

Although CQM did not originate in US, I believe it became a quitessential American phenomenon. Because 1) it lets one compute, something Americans like, action-oriented, you are "doing it" so forth 2) beyond computation there is bunch of mystery where you can go "woah duudeeee, the universe is so vast... So mysterious.. I'm blown away by it... "

Needless to say we need to get out of this mode of thinking. Mystery does not have to be confusing, and bullshit.


Despite vast increases in the time and money spent on research, progress is barely keeping pace with the past.

Partly true

The pace of inventions and developments is fantastic. But to the extent that they slowed down in areas, delusional thinking in big-think concepts like QM and String Theory are weighing everybody down.


Let's build an energy efficient smart-grid


You don't need smart grid bcz there is a way to store and transport clean energy in huge amounts, with high energy density. Ammonia or hydrogen both fit the bill. I'd look at what EU and Japan are  doing. 

Scientists have created a molecule that can store solar energy for 18 years


I don't know how to explain this, but something has always been a bit.. off about the left and about Democrats. There's not a sense that they are in charge or could be in charge. They don't even really believe they have the right to wield power [in reference to this]

So true

Forbes (2005)

In what the company has called a "bold experiment," Hummer has prepared a hydrogen-powered version of its H2 SUT (sport utility truck), the H2H. The vehicle is not intended for production [..] Hummer's parent, General Motors , owns the H2H and shares it with the office of the governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

GM made me a hydrogen hummah

GM has been at this for a while apparently. Stuff like this doesn't come out of nowhere.

When corporations get to decide how to balance their profits against public safety, you get things like @verizon throttling firefighters during an emergency.


Lots of wind along with very dry vegetation turned the Northern California wildfire into a high-speed menace that tore through Paradise and Buttle County


.. and the climate inaction in US is completely the fault of centrist Democrats


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