Monday, April 30, 2007

Here we go..

Hello to all,

This blog is to all and for all who found Alvin Toffler's books and vision as a breakthrough understanding for themselves. I am a Third Wave prosumer that is, an open source developer who also happens to be teacher and student, book author, one time musician, avid sci-fi geek, chi-kung enthusiast, but most important of all (to me), an artificial intelligence and mathematics prospective researcher. I have wide ranging interests in astrology (it's just statistics!), foreign relations and cultures. As described in Alvin Toffler's (will just abbreviate this name to AT from now on), with diverse interests as any third wave citizen, I have started having difficult time finding people who are as interested in these topics as I. So I finally decided, if there is a new wave, then there must be a new wave of communicating as well! Ok then! Hence this blog.

I studied and spent many years in US but I am not American, nor English, nor Australian. I am from a country who is trapped between first, second and third waves, a rare occurence if you ask me, and I'll cough up the name later on. For now, this introduction should suffice.

I said I am an avid sci-fi geek, and I dare anyone to test me on this challange. :) Thanks to BitTorrent, now I am also on Doctor Who, Stargate Atlantis, Star Trek (all its incarnations), Smallville, even once Farscape - hence my geekdom is becoming complete. But I have to say, some of this stuff is better prepared, executed, and written for any Shakespearen play past and present. And Matrix... We will have fun with that one, especially in Third Wave context. You will see.

Before finishing this first post, I want to say that this area is open to all and welcomes all.

Much regards, and let's have great discussions.


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