Monday, November 10, 2008

There _Is_ God

My prayers have been answered.. Thank you God, for this great news, that Knight Rider 2008 show is going to be "re-re-booted". Phew. Yes! I pray now they get it right the second time. Ever since I made the announcement on my "other" blog that KR was coming back into SciFi world, I was waiting eagerly for the show to begin. The pilot was GREAT. I repeat: It did NOT suck. That's why I made the announcement damn it... After that there was a tad longer-than-expected delay, for which I thought, "aight, they are taking their time, so the show is going to be that much more awesome".

Then I saw the first episode.

Dear Lord, JC and M & M. There aren't enough words to describe that first episode. Maybe "sucked" with a big S and lots of inappropiate hand signs would do. How could they @#$ up this great Sci-Fi premise so badly? I could not believe my eyes and ears.

For one thing, they seemed to be "stuck" in that cardboard box they use for some kind a situation room... Ok they have lots of computer gismos in there, a nice touch interface (you can thank Iron Man for that), but this is so not what original Knight Rider was about. These people turned the show into some kind of ER with KITT being used (Val Kilmer!) as some kind of a showroom car. Oh, please don't get me started on that jiggle-rotatingy-gismodildo turdshabang they put KITT in, that was just outrageous.

To top if off, the characters besides Mr. Knight himself were so one-dimensional that there is nothing to watch when they interact. Let alone, I don't care if they interact or not. This show is supposed to be about Michael Knight.. and his car. Sometimes the "team" help out, but not always.

So glad, ecstatic to hear the news. It's good to know someone saw something was wrong and decided to do something about it. Original KR was about a man and a car, driving around and kicking ass with great technology. It's a modern day Rebel Without A Cause... well... with a cause. Pay attention to Michael Knight's leather jacket, rugged-ish persona - he is not supposed to be some glorified chaffeur with a constant place, address, or even group of friends. He is out there conquering the vast American landscape with the most sophisticated technology built by men. That is why we liked the original .. and did not like the reboot.

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