Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Construct a Building One Slice At a Time

I am convinced that in near future, buildings will be constructed by spraying the necessary materials for a building one milimeter slice at a time; which, once combined, will form a building. This is not some scifi vision either. 3D printing which involves materials such as stainless steel is already here. The next step for constructing something such as a building only needs an increase in scale, and finding some way of cleverly combining materials that make up a building. Man I saw the sh.t in my mind's eye: A huge horizontal, flat builder bed with huge tanks of liquid raw materials hooked up to it; the architects feed their CAD design into this machine, and it just starts "building".

What happens to construction workers?

Well f..k the construction workers. There is no need for human driven mindless building in this setup; the whole thing goes from design -> construction .. automagically.

Da future. Better believe it.

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