Thursday, December 30, 2010

Least Energy States

Nature is pretty good at finding shapes, structures that require the minimum amount of energy. It could be argued in social matters a similar process is present, this must be the reason for the so-called Tipping Point phenomenon. People do not want to topple that authoratic ruler right away, blow the wistle on that corruption immediately, etc. But one way or another what needs to happen, does happen.

What defines these 'least energy' situations? That depends on the working habits, production methods of the age. If computers are prevelant in a society, "leaking", "transmitting" information requires very little energy. And theeere it happens. Result: Wikileaks. A society whose majority is in white collar jobs have different "minimum energy" structures than a peasant, or blue-collar society. The typical nuclear family construct is a least energy structure for a modern, industrial society. It is not for a post-modern one.

Why do I mention this? 3rd wave, the knowledge age is making certain things possible, and whether we like it or not, these new ideas, possibilities will have some enegy behind them.

I pity the fool who'll fight this. Our generation needs to think about institutions that are compatible with these "least energy" settings, not try to erect boundaries where they're surely crumble and fall.

This goes for all ideologies, political structures, economy.

Happy new year.

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