Sunday, December 19, 2010


[paraphrasing] Apparently US and / or Israel was responsible for the computer worm Stuxnet attack on Iran's nuclear reactors, which destroyed a portion of Iran's fuel rods.

Are you a child?

I am talking to you, the government agencies who coordinated this attack. What have you proven by doing this? I tell you: You accomplished NOTHING. Nada.

If nation-states (especially authoritarian ones) are good at one thing, that is concentrating efforts on one single project (US Manhattan project comes to mind). So if a nation-state X wants to complete project Y, they will, unless they face an all-out attack (just to be clear, X = Iran). So after this mishap, they will probably double their security, and continue from where they left off.

What did you really think would happen?

Was your end goal tied to some political agenda? Aiming to delay an estimated completion so it coincides, uh say, with the next US presidential elections?

What was it?

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