Thursday, February 17, 2011

Non-Democratic History

BBC commentator
Egypt did not have a single day of democracy in its history
Ain't that the truth... Basicaly Egyptian history is a piece of shit. Their culture sucks too. The only advantage young people had was having spent relatively less time with both -- due to their age.

Plus, the Internet Age creates its own culture.

In You Are How You Work we talked about how going about your daily life effects your outlook on life. In an age when ideas, knowledge can be transmitted at the click of a button, no central authority can maintain dictatorial hold on people for long. Each dictator (with the exception of hermit states) allows this communication because of basic shame, and by the time they cut the communication (the day of a protest) it's already too late. Ideas have formed, friendships are created, new relationships came to being. In the power triad wealth, knowledge, violence, knowledge is by far the most versatile out of the three, and can easily be subsituted for the other two. Tunisia, Egypt, Spain are living proof of this.

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