Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not Enough

In his speech Mubarak used words like "constitution", "commision", "amendment", as if he is a President of a working, functional system that is not rigged, and farce. Mubarak doesnt want to be seen as a two-bit dictator, like Ben Ali in Tunisia packing up and leaving at the first sign of trouble, unfortunately no matter how he serviced his country and for how long, he is still a dictator. He should leave.

This is a stubborn man, it's probably a cultural thing, which leads me to think why it should be no surprise that two previous holders of his office were killed on the job. Surely Egypt's size, and relative importance in the Middle East gives it a bit of a different status than other Arab nations, but that does not make the current regime any less farce. The current regime made the decision to rig the previous elections, rendering any argument that people have a working, legitimate government moot.

People on the street will not accept this -- and they shouldnt. All bets are off now.

I think Mubarak needs a good ass-kicking. He could even be assasinated pretty soon.

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