Friday, April 1, 2011

Brother Obama

This chain of thought all started with me starting to wonder Obama's blood type.

I did not pay attention to this at first; since he is black, blood type O being the oldest type, and given that all humans originating from Africa, the probability was high that he was type O (btypes started to change as people migrated, settled). Plus I saw him watching basketball, drinking beer (not A, watching sports, implies O), so there was no reason for me to think otherwise. He had a basketball court installed in the White House, he played regularly with friends: of course!

Then he gets his ass kicked during a game (elbowed?) .. This raised a red flag. Now, when I said types other than O cannot play sports, I meant competitively. You can go ahead and play your little games with your friends. Sure, getting elbowed is no indication you suck either, but it increases the probability of certain things.

Then I remember Obama's diet during campaign trail, broccoli and salmon. This diet is very suitable for type B. Mr. Obama's bench press is impressive as well (>200 lbs?) -- B's are the strongest of all types.

Conclusion: The President has type B blood type.

But then, why does he play basketball and goes out of his way to watch them?

Because it's the "black" thing to do.

O. "falls" in to a stereotype, almost delibaretly, by choice, for the same reason he carried an assistant with him (a true black man) during the campaign called Regie Lo-oo-ooweee. Playing hoop, acting (a little) black, all to raise his black credentials. And this sort of thing, "belonging to a certain subgroup" is what is expected these days in US culture. Michael Jackson is out -- he tried to be something else too much -- Worf from Star Trek is in. "I-Am-Klingon!" the man used to scream in every other episode. The message is "be your own cultural thing (whatever that means)", oh, "and also give us something entertaining to talk about you, and share with our friends so we can be really, really cool".

Anyone following here probably knows by now that I am not a fan of culture. It gets in the way of accomplishing things, carries with it an immense amount of stupidity, potential or otherwise. Obama's actions are obviously politically savy as well, but... thinking about the culture he is in, or others, isn't this so much energy wasted?

Why can't he act like a half-black guy who spent most of his life among whites? Why does Google assign him a black man as a shaperone when he visits their company?

In US after 80s, a new trend appeared-- everyone just had to be somewhat "ethnic". All of a sudden everyone just knew what percentage of what ethnicity they were. I remember some girl telling me, "I am, like, 25% Italian, 25% German, 5.6% Irish (huh?), %30 of blah blah". On the receiving side, this code also plays into (or was formed by) into another one: Being an expert on YOUR culture.

All of this is very, very unnecessary.. Codes are unnecessary. Why do Brits see an American and automatically assume s/he WANTS EVERYTHING? Why does a French woman spend hours in front of a mirror trying to look like she did not spend any time there at all? (ok, French ones are the dumbest of all)

Isnt this a waste of brain cycles? A waste time?

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