Friday, April 1, 2011

Einstein and Eddington

Nice movie. When I saw this movie on TV, I spotted David Tennant and my first reaction was "ah, another Dr. Who episode (one of my favorite scifi shows). It seemed in this episode Dr. Who is in 40s, it's normal, this sort of thing happens a lot in Dr. Who (he is a Time Lord after all [1]), then I notice "the Doctor" does not seem to remember who he is, but fine, 'he lost his memory (happens all the time in scifi shows, as much as doppelgangers, alternate universes, turning into aliens)". But after some time I realize the movie is neither Dr. Who, nor scifi, but a great movie nevertheless. E&E's two central characters were Einstein and Eddington, the former working on General Theory of Relativity, and the latter running the first experiment on its findings, proving them right.

It was a great science movie -- I hope to see more movies of this kind, displaying the joy of discovery, invention, mathematics, intervowen with social, cultural, historical issues in its backdrop.


[1] Dr. Who being a Time Lord is on code for British people -- the culture code Brits give themselves is CLASS. Therefore, the hero being "a Lord" which indicates "class" is suitable for them. I hear some British people saying "class does not matter anymore in our society" -- don't believe it. It is still a factor.

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