Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On the last gap

From The Economist
At successive rallies Mr Erdogan has accused The Economist of acting in concert with “a global gang” and taking orders from Israel.
Chill.. You guys became too involved in our political theather, you are taking Erdogan's theatrics too seriously. Furthermore, here is a thing you have to know about our PM; his psych profile shows that he has a chip on his shoulder. This is unrelated to his past, it is nature rather than nurture. These types are called "Hesitant Creators" and have self-confidence issues. They have huge creative potential if they can believe in themselves, however, they can also choose to act bossy, be overtly aggressive and these moves are designed to hide the fact that they become unsure, and scared. They get very touchy and sensitive. Our PM talks about "Turkey needing to have self-confidence" for instance -- most do not realize he is talking about himself here. This is projection, clear and simple. A history fetish is also related to this lack of self-confidence (we were this, that, blah blah).

Our profiling shows presence of another type, known as "Leave the Child Behind". These people are a child-like, and at times refuse to grow up. Their development path pushes them towards the need to take responsibility, risk, and having to act adult [2]. Once they do that, much success awaits, in their negative moments, they use anger to control others, and being moody for no apparent reason. Mind you however, Erdogan is known to use anger tactically, as in the Davos walkout moment, that's different. Also the TR culture code for a prime minister is THE OLDEST SON, so they are not expected to act exactly like a grown-up -- being a "young blood" fits the TR code well. PM outbursts are somewhat tolerated.

But the point Erdogan and his country is at right now, winning elections cannot be a litmus test for success. It is clear Erdogan was able to emphasize the positives of his character more than the negatives looking at the post he has reached and his ability to stay in it; next up is becoming a system-builder, rather than the shrewd tactical operator he has been so far.

We will see.


[1] BTW, Obama is also a "Hesitant Creator". Many public figures have this profile, interestingly enough.

[2] On the positive side, since these people are child-like, they can be gentle as a leader because they can be in tune with other people's shortcomings, insecurities which can make them a better leader. We come across to this type frequently in the business world.

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