Sunday, July 3, 2011

Patent 5,893,120


Bedrock Computer Technologies (BCT) managed to wrangle a verdict [..] that not only gives it $5 million in damages from Google but, more worryingly, a possible foundation to launch other attacks on software that uses a relatively basic data structure. The patent in question relates to the use of a linked list data structure to expire data.


Dear US Courts:

Are you out of your f..king mind? Do you know what a linked list is? Let me explain. It's a comp sci concept, and.. let me draw a parallel here. Do you make shopping lists? Well, a linked list is like a shopping list. Actually it's like any list, where you can add and subtract items from, at any point in the list.

Now: How would you feel if someone sued you for making a shopping list?

You know what though, it's all fine and dandy -- the old structure is scrambling hard to keep the new under control, but they are making mistake after mistake, and this will ultimately result the system to implode. Go ahead, screw with net neutrality, screw with free flow of ideas, and see how far that takes you.

Bloody morons.

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