Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stark and Downey Jr.

Some skillz you acquire, some you get naturally. My psych profiling skill (as much as I am blessed with) and my case data is like that.. I dont even have to go look for it. It finds me.

Case in point: I am flipping through channels, and there it is. A visibly intoxicated Robert Downey Jr. (it must be the 90s) is being interviewed and he is saying "well, I make no plans, you know, I just live in the moment". And I am thinking "you dont live in the moment mother..f..er", and I do this cussing in the most friendly way. Because as luck would have it, I read his MBTI profile earlier and the man is an NT, most likely ENTP, a Rational. These people live in future possibilities, in a world of concepts. Trying enjoy the moment, going nuts with the five senses is an Artisan thing. Conclusion: Downey Jr. during 90s was not acting his type [1]. Holywood is of course full of SPs, and it's natural someone like Downey could feel out of place there. He tried to fit in. He paid the price for it.

Here is Downey talking abt his jail experience.
"Jail didn't help me any more or less than anything else. But I know I created that experience for a reason, and I'm only just starting to understand those reasons. Remember this is California. ... 'Come on vacation, leave on probation.' I mean, I can't believe I stayed out of the pen for as long as I did. And I didn't mind it inside really; it wasn't so bad.

"Listen, a prison is just like a public school. Did you ever go on a film set on location? It's just like prison. Have you ever been in a bad relationship? It's just like having a celly (cellmate) who wants to kill you. Have you ever been in a street fight? It's just like chow-time (meal time). Have you ever been to a rave-up? It's like a yard riot.

Now see those conceptual jumps, stitching together disparate parts of knowledge blocks? "A film set is on location being like prison?" Now that is an NT. Tony Stark role in the movie Iron Man is also an ENTP, so the role is custom made for Downey Jr.

Downey's, and stories like his, highlight a bigger problem: People acting out of type, and out-of-character, and paying the price for their missteps. As with most social problems, the main issue here is a lack of information. In the 21st century humanity has the necessary knowledge to help cure these problems, what we lack is the proper structure to deliver it. Our civilization's current mechanisms are ill-suited for the task.


[1] For ppl who dont know Downey Jr's story: He had problems with substance abuse, between 1996 and 2001, he was frequently arrested on drug-related charges and went through several drug treatment programs. In 1997 he missed one of the court-ordered drug tests and had to spend four months in the Los Angeles County jail.

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