Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I am having some fun with these.. It started with quid-pro-bro, brocassion, bromance; now there is an entire dictionary about this stuff. They are 'broisms'. Some other ones:

Brofessional: A dude who has devoted himself fully to bro activities. Obviously this includes beer drinking, playing videogames, etc.

Broverload: Anytime someone feels uncomfortable with the number of bros in a confined space.

Brogrammer: A bro who somehow learned to program, but would deny it in any social situation.

Broller Coaster: a roller coaster full of obnoxious bro's that scream excessively even when the ride has come to a full stop.

Brotein: What bros drink in order to become more attractive towards other bro hoes.

Brolitude: When one decides on something consisting of only him and his bros.

Brocean: A collection of bros. It is ruled by broseidon, and most of its citizens have quality flow and play lax.

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