Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Judgement by the People

If a public official, celebrity, anyone who is under public scrutiny did something wrong, they need to be judged by the people. I mean by everyone. The court system is too arcane, and frankly, too rigged to be helpful in this day and age, even (especially?) in United States. We all knew something rotten was going during OJ trial, and now we see a string of public officials being pulled into this morass known as the legal system, both in US and other countries. You take your pick, Julian Assange, Strauss-Kahn, now Jacques Chirac.. or Clinton impeachement in near past.. What the hell is going on?

People who have been under public scrutiny for a long time need to be judged by the same people who elected them, or knows about them, effected by their service in some way. Otherwise, The Integrators can and will use the mechanization of the legal system to their advantage, to further a hidden agenda. Laws standardize, and standards, they know too well.

That is how the recent charade looks, people who have contributed something to the public (in ways good or bad, depending on your opinion), are pulled into some governmental dark corners, forced to flee, forced into perp-walks which, by itself creates an aura of guilt around the defendants. We need democracy, in all aspects of life.

The Integrators
would have you believe that intermittent voting and electing some punk out of a pre-selected pool of candidates is considered democracy. It is not. That is called the representative system. These people then are entrusted to "go and make some laws", so other technicians who are expert on those laws can rig the system even further.

The technology exists -existed for a long time- for any government official to ask the people's opinion on everthing, ranging from what to wear, or who to nuke.

But they won't set this system up.

Why not?

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