Saturday, September 3, 2011

S or N

Another way for making quick inferences using MBTI is utilizing the S or N difference.

S stands for sensing and N stand for intuition. The difference is "pay[ing] more attention to information that comes in through the five senses (S), or to the patterns and possibilities that is seen in the information you receive (N)". Note: Careful tho, this is different from E or I categorization that controls whether someone is an extrovert or introvert.

S people are driven to the concrete, to physical things they can see, hear, touch. Now, both Artisans (SP) and Guardians (SJ) have an S -- both these types like the concrete not the abstract. SJs with their logistics focus (getting things from point A point B, providing, supplying, etc), and Artisans with their "tactile" focus which makes them great.. well, Artisans.

So if you can see a physical aspect in someone's thinking, that's an S, then you can rule out NT and NF completely. You are left with two major categories; SP or SJ. Out of these, the tight-ass will be SJ, the more relaxed one will be SP.

Work, etc

(New way is too slow) An interesting article: says "simply having the option to decline a task has been shown to boost productivity ...