Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Scaling Quality

Not all researchers are good teachers. Not all good teachers are good researchers (mathematician G. H. Hardy makes some rough comments about this relation -and he is wrong-). But there are some, who are great at both, and boy do they create wonders when they teach. We should not put roadblocks on someone's path if they want to learn from the best.

If in 21st century we are still talking about "quality teachers" and about "teachers pay" that are part of a system that can never scale, that is a big disservice to our kids. If adult supervision is needed, any professional can provide that by contributing his / her time during the day. This kind of task does not require specialization. Actually specialization as a concept is passe, part of a collapsing modernist mindset. Hence my suggestion: Any teacher who is not a researcher needs to be fired.

The Internet can distribute quality content to everyone, in the form of video, lecture notes, problems / solutions. We only need a system that will incentivize people to release their content as they make it.


[1] Research is not about specialization, it's about looking at a problem "in depth", and utilizing all the tools necessary to deal with problems related to that depth. A research problem can require concepts from diverse fields that crosses university departments and disciplines.

Work, etc

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