Friday, October 28, 2011

1K $ / Person

If increases in efficiency are killing jobs, than gov can hand out money to all citizens. 1K $ per citizen, per month for US adds up to a measly 3.6 Trillion $ per year, roughly a quarter of its GDP. If gov starts distributing such money to everyone, it can then cut all other handouts; social security can also be abolished with all its collected money being returned to its contributers, the 1K $ will take care of retirement automagically.

Taxes should not be flat. Rich needs to be taxed at higher rates, money growth is like population growth, it is exponential, same growth rate for two different sums of money means more $$ for the bigger pool, it is true money begets money. On the other hand, since money begets money, gov should not kill the goose for its golden eggs. In other words, yes to higher taxes on the rich, but not too high.

What will happen if this becomes a reality? In terms of psychology, Guardians will do whatever is expected of them, so their choices do not count. Artisans will always want to make impact, so they will create. NTs, NFs will continue to do their thing.

"But will my hairdresser cut my hair?". Well, some will, no doubt, and they will do it for fun, or for extra $$ (hey some will always want more), and they will most likely do it better than before. Some lower tier service jobs may disappear [1], like people taking your order at coffee shops, but, c'mon: are these really important jobs? All they do is take too long taking my order and f..k it up anyway. I'd rather deal with machines than people for such impersonal transactions. Jobs that deserve to disappear will disappear.

If gov gives 1K $ per person, will that include children? Yes. But if that causes people to spawn like mad for $$? OK, then gov hands out 1K $ per adult, maybe. Details can be different for each country.

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[1] I did not even mention blue collar jobs here because they are already as good as dead.

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