Friday, October 14, 2011

Dennis Ritchie

Developer of the programming language C and contributer to the famous OS Unix system Dennis Ritchie has passed away. I talked my history with the language a little bit here, and the book I was given in that story was Ritchie's book!

BTW, Unix, C and their derivaties are inside many mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android. It's funny actually, there are some big words written on Steve Jobs these days, such as he changed the way we live. But an equal appreciation (if not more) needs to go to the unseen genius' whose inventions power the devices that people hold in their hands. Unix may not be shiny, but it is the thing that runs in the background when users click on those buttons, and slide those icons.


Work, etc

(New way is too slow) An interesting article: says "simply having the option to decline a task has been shown to boost productivity ...