Monday, October 17, 2011

More on Leaders

We talked about the Leave the Child Behind pysch type; interestingly both Sarkozy and Merkel are LCBs. I hear lots of complaints about both for not being quick enough on responding to the recent EU crises, not taking responsibility to save the European economy, etc.. Well; how much of that can be attributed to general slowness of EU institutions, how much is their LCB type's fault is debatable. Yet another question is if it is even possible to have any gigantic mechanism such as the EU (or the US) to survive the tectonic shifts caused by the 3rd Wave. Anyhow; maybe some of the slowness has to do with their LCB.

Q&A - 12/7

Question I still have issues with the baker case. . why could the baker not serve the gay couple? Here is a good analogy Imagine you ...