Monday, October 3, 2011

More on Pairings

We talked about father SJ son SP pairing, the reverse is also possible, and in most cases if it's not tragic, a lot funnier. Imagine a poor SJ kid who wants to be rooted, take things slow, but there is a half-mad father running circles around him.

The most interesting example I have for this is from a Turkish businessman; He now owns / operates a successful transportation business, starting with a few vehicles, he built up this whole empire. He talks about all of that, and during the interview he also keeps mentioning his father. But he does this once, twice, .. and in fact, so many times (by my rough count, at least twenty) that I started probing little more. And boy, did that guy (his father) take this poor kid for a wild ride.

The father apparently was a flim flam man who lived fast and loose, conned some people, including his own son. The son now owns a fleet of buses, as we said before, and he managed this feat not once, but twice; his first fleet being completely taken away from him by his beligerent father. He started from scratch after this mishap -again- and rebuilding his business from nothing. So this poor guy actually seems a bit confused by his childhood, he shows signs of of utter disbelief at times for the hand he had been dealt with in life. But seeing the success he is enjoying now I guess it is safe to laugh at it -- which I did a lot during this interview.

So here it is, an example of an SP father - SJ child relationship at its most extreme. It is extreme but it is possible, and only possible with an SP father, or mother. Artisans like to live in the moment, move tactically, love shiny things, drawn to adventure, might also demonstrate a complete lack of morals, and / or ideals. I am not being judgemental about this, SPs approach to life is simply a strategy, it works well in some cases, and not so well in others.

Anyway, now this transportation magnate is nurturing, growing his business, raising his own sons, one of whom comes to work with him. When his son puts his feet up on a table at the office, he is gently warned by his father to "not to act disrespectful in the workplace".

The joke is now on the grandson.

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