Thursday, November 10, 2011

Codes, Axel Boldt Article

This post written by Axel Boldt unknowingly identified some culture codes.
I am constantly amazed by the poor quality and backwardedness of many technologies routinely employed in the US.
The US culture code for technology is IT WORKS. People dont seem to want perfection (the code for which, is DEAD). As long as something works, it is fine.
Americans seem to be eating constantly: in the car, at the movie theater, at work, while watching TV.
The US culture code for technology is FUEL. People eat not to taste, but to "fuel up". The drive-in restaurant / concept is directly related to this, these places look like fuel stations, and for all intents and purposes, they are. You drive in, get fuel, just like you drive in the gas station to buy gas for your car.

BTW -- we mentioned the US code for the car which is IDENTITY. Thus, the comic book, movie Transformers is on code, because there are walking, talking cars who have identities. German code for car ENGINEERING, the guy who coded up those Google cars is interestingly from Germany.

Boldt identified some interesting stuff.

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