Friday, November 11, 2011

The Contract

In every 2nd wave nation there is a group called The Integrators who form the political backbone of the ruling class. It does not matter the country in question is China, India, United States or Russia. Every second wave country has them.

In most cases, these countries also have a reassurance ritual which is a representative system of sorts (not democracy), but the election process is actually two-fold. First, the Integrators elect someone internally, then, if the country has a representative system, they offer this selection to the people. If not, the election is over after Phase One.

One of the proofs of the existence of this internal election is that it can now be predicted. Professor Bruce Bueno de Mesquita has a mathematical model based on game theory and simulation that can accurately guess the next leader of a country. He used his model on a known "democracy", India, and his model predicted the next leader of India. But even without the model, this workings of this internal election is clear to see. John Kerry selects Obama, then he is offered to people for an up-down vote. The German integrators concluded the most strategic, vital issue facing their country is dealing with the effects of the unification (with the East) therefore they "elect" someone (Merkel) from that region.

Don't even get me started on Putin and Medvedev.

The voters, da people, instinctively know this and let the Integrators play the game. But there is an unwritten contract of sorts between them and the elite. The Integrators do "their thing" utilizing whatever resources, people, ideas necessary, with one condition: they dont fuck things up too badly. Once fuck-ups start, and they build and form a huge clusterfuck, this is an indication that the contract is showing signs of wear and tear.

And since in 3rd Wave predictability goes out the door, the major advantage of "a small number of specialized rulers" begins to lessen. Peter Drucker said it perfectly, [paraphrasing] that up until mid 20th century, if a US president satisfied about a dozen of interest groups, he would feel that he was fulfilling his job. But today such vested interests are measured in tens of thousands. No centralized mechanism can cope with such a number of (usually conflicting) interests.

Hence the contract goes bust.

Additional note:

People should not blame the EU for stopping Papandreu from going to referendum. Papandreau simply did something that goes against to the integrators' job description. The Euro is a standardized currency, hence it is something cooked up by the elites, and you dont mix and match between the Integrator business and people business. You either do one or the other. That brother got confused, as a result, lost his job.

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