Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Silent Majority

Matthew D. Lassitier article

Richard M. Nixon first labeled the “great silent majority” during a speech about the Vietnam War on Nov. 3, 1969. With one rhetorical stroke, Nixon identified a new populist category that redefined how political groups strive for influence. [..] Nixon called for unity on the home front and asked patriotic Americans to speak out against efforts by a “vocal minority” to defeat the United States. Tens of thousands of letters from self-identified members of the silent majority poured into the White House.


This so-called silent majority is nothing but MBTI Guardian types and they are not the majority.

By Keirsey's estimation SJs comprise %40 of population, whereas SPs are %45, and the rest is NTs and NFs. Anti-war demonstrators would have a good number of Artisans and Idealists in them. Also there'd be Guardians who are born into progressive households; such people even if not by nature would support progressive movements due to "nurture".

So majority? Please. We are the majority biatch.

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