Friday, December 30, 2011

Like a Fox

In many ways, an MBTI Artisan's (SP) living strategy resembles a fox. They form roughly %45 of society so you need to understand how they think; SPs, either intellectually, or physically live in the outskirts of society, and when they hunt they will go after the weakest, expanding the least amount of energy with the biggest potential outcome. They want to move in and move out.

They find comfort in numbers and their life drama seems to be centered around being brave and being timid -- their way of looking at the world being filtered through this prism, forming a push & pull of sorts. Should I jump or not? Take that leap or not?

We mentioned many times before that SPs are tactical, and need / want to make an impact. Now. Such focus on the present can be beneficial in some cases, not in others. When enough SPs are pissed off, and reach numbers high enough riight past that threshold of being brave / timidity, you get people filling the streets and lots of ass kicking. This is the stuff of revolutions.

In a politician, SP way of handling things can get tiresome and predictable after a while. Always wanting to put out a good show, saving that one day, sacrificing strategy for tactics can feel shortsighted. US had a string of Artisan Presidents now, Clinton, Bush, Obama -- where we had lots of lip biting, spin, good speech, ass kicking, but not enough long range planning, strategy and fundamentals.

Another SP Erdogan of Turkey is all about saving the day, and saving face. When such people want to make a move, they want all bases covered (go after the weakest target); Last month saw Erdogan apologizing for Dersim massacre of which one-party rule was responsible in front of a big hunking photograph of Kemal Ataturk -- the creator of "modern" Turkey. The fact that Kemal was in full control of state apparatus then did not seem important for the tactical goal. SP is simply covering all bases, giving the impression to support one foundational figure (therefore avoiding all potential criticism), at the same time, bashing people that are the true inheritors of that figure -- who also happen to be in the opposition.

There is a certain child-like naïveté to all of this, but that is also textbook SP. Save the day, go after weakest, look courageous, while at the same time covering all the bases, like a fox. The fox is a pretty good hunter of course, but like all creators of nature, it can get eaten. This does not bode well for a central figure.

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