Saturday, December 31, 2011

More on SP Leaders

There were three US Presidents in a row who were Artisans. Why? Some of this can be attributed to unpredictable nature of our age (due to 3rd Wave). If things are unpredictable, an SP who lives "in the moment" who "deals with things as they come" can seem like a panacea. Sadly this can only be a stop-gap measure becuse ironically, unpredictability stems from our system's broken nature, and / or / rather unpredictability becomes a problem because the system assumes (its own kind of) predictability, and goes haywire when reality isn't so. Given this reality, some think problems can be fixed by electing a coordinator who is good-at day to day, rough-and-tumble of politics.

Unfortunately, in the context of the current system a better coordinator can only do so much. Problems of bureucracy with its fixed boxes and channels mentality will continue, and no single better coordinator can fix this.

A complete overhaul of the system is needed.

Q&A - 12/7

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