Friday, January 27, 2012

The Faculty Project

From Email:

As tuition continues to rise, debt increases. We need an education to get the best jobs, feel the most fulfilled, but how can we do that if education is out of reach for most?

It's time for a change. It's time premium education is available to everyone, worldwide. And most importantly, it's time for it to be free.

And so The Faculty Project was born. We were tired of spending tens of thousands of dollars getting an education, so we reached out to the best educators at leading universities and made a bold request: "Share your knowledge and insight not with a classroom, not with a board of academic thinkers, but with the entire world!"

And they did.

Professors jumped at the opportunity to share their passions with interested people everywhere. Economics, Neuroscience, Religion, Medicine, and Brazil... all these and more are now freely accessible. The courses are being created as we speak, and more and more professors are signing up!

But the best part? These courses aren't like your typical free online courses. They're not just recordings of a professor teaching a classroom: they're made specifically for the Faculty Project! These courses are made just for you!

So join us. Join us in sharing ideas with the best minds in the world. Join us in the first ever free and open movement for purely online education. Join us in a revolution that will change the way people think of education. Join us and help us drop the price of top tier education and level the playing field for everyone, worldwide.

Join us at The Faculty Project!


And it begins...

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