Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Guardians' Turn?

Which general MBTI type does the spirit of the times favor? If the 90s, and most of the 2000s were the age of exubarence, this kind of fast-moving, hedonistic, transient, expansionist age would favor Artisans. "No roots, just move forward" attitude suits them most. This could explain 3 SP Presidents in a row in US and in some of the developed world.

But the winds change, and now might be time for Americans (and the rest of the world) to take stock of their situation, reflect, pull back, and go over what they have. This signals a Guardian. Mitt is typed as an ESTJ and according to the previous analysis, he would be the favorite to win the White House.

Interestingly, ESTJs have extraverted intuition (Ne) pretty high up in their hierarchy (level 3). Most Guardians are not scientist material -for obvious reasons- but if a scientist does come out of this group once in a blue moon, chances are that person is an ESTJ. Their Ne can mull over future possibilities, be concerned with truth, so such a person who had developed their Ni properly can become a scientist / and or at least be someone who can consider new concepts, new ideas for the future.

Note: One of the criticisms directed to Mitt is that he is a flip-flopper and that can fit the ESTJ pattern. There would be a pull/push between Si/Te and their Ne; ESTJ in general wants to be a joiner, follow the rules, but at the same time, Ne will pull them toward future possibilities, truth (albeit in a weaker, tertiary level, but still), and conceptualizing new ways of seeing things. It's not uncommon for an ESTJ to blunder into some situation, make some wrong moves caused by their instintive need to fit in, but after a while finding their way towards the truth with the help of their Ni.

Final note: All that said, we've said many times before, the system is beyond saving. All we are talking about here is the potential results of another popularity contest and who could be, who will perceived to be in the context of the representative system (not democracy), a better band-aid for near future. That person could be a nice surprise and become a transformational figure, but that is unlikely. That's all.

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