Friday, January 13, 2012

Inferior Function

According to Jungian type theory further developed by Myers-Briggs, it seems the inferior function, the fourth, the mirror image of the dominant, mostly remain unconcious. People can learn to use it conciously, but it can become active subconciously (more so than tertiary, the third).

This function apparently is also a safety valve of sorts.. Naomi Quenk says as people learn to use top three functions, #1,#2,#3, they can be too set in their ways, become too rigid, too overly confident in themselves, becoming arrogant. In such cases #4's job is to "disrupt" the usual way of things. Mind-body connection is real, the inferior can create sickness in the biological body to disrupt everything else to make itself heard. It will create an environment so the person is forced to reconsider and go over his / her choices.

Hadrat Ali said "sickness is your sins leaving the body", Aeschylus said "wisdom comes to us by the awful grace of God". Both these sayings actually describe the same thing: the inferior, fourth function. Jung said the fourth function is the connection to subconcious which can be described by some as God. Obviously the dynamics of the outside world also have a life on their own, they too can create the perfect smackdown on a person, and some mystical orders go as far as saying the overall direction and will of this outside world can be labeled as God. I will stick to psychological explanation myself, but this is what's out there. FYI..

I highly recommend Naomi Quenk's book Was That Really Me?

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