Friday, February 10, 2012

Point Spread

A like-based system for artistic products (or even other things) can result in interesting side applications. Each creation in the registry can also carry a list of references, or sources that the creation used as its inspiration. Then, every "like" (or a portion of it) received by this creation can automatically be distributed people in the references list.

Corollary: In our general scheme, copying and stealing is encouraged, and no punishment of any kind is condoned. That said, potential disagreement in this scheme can (should) be around the issue of reference, that is being cited properly in a digital work, thus "missing out" on the likes received by that work. Therefore, it is conceivable one involving a legal mechanism of sorts in order to be included in a reference list. That is ok. But again, no punishment, and rabid stealing (copying) is encouraged and in fact the prime directive of this system.

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