Thursday, February 23, 2012


In Egypt the crux of the resistance was people filling the streets, the game was about mass demonstrations. In Libya it was a game of logistics -- landmass was vast population few, hence transportation, air cover became important.

In Syria the model is increasingly starting to resemble Afgani mujaheddin resistance against Soviets. There is fighting in small towns except the capital where the enemy (Baas, then Soviets) are / were holed up and felt "safe", even if this safety was an illusion. Just as in Afganistan during 80s, resistance fighters have a safe haven nearby (Pakistan, now Turkey). The importance of a such a neighbor cannot be overstated. Mujaheddin fighters used to send their families to Pakistan, and during the war, they would themselves cross the "border" to Pakistan for vacation, visit their families, have some R & R, and come back and do some more Stinger slingin'. Turkey is now playing this role for Syrian resistance.

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