Saturday, April 7, 2012


In hierarchical, military environments which are also heavily dominated by men, there is lots of joking around the word "ass". I guess this is funny because the word is so .. "anti", to that environment. If someone makes a mistake, he'll say "it will be my ass", or someone steps out of line another can tell him "I am gonna have your ass". The word can be used as in ass chewing, ass whopping, or ass kissing. If there are enemy soldiers overwhelming us, I can say "the enemy is crawling up my ass". I remembered this while watching a Stargate Atlantis episode (scifi show), the characters' minds are scanned by some alien race, then they wake up, and someone goes "we were mind probed". The soldier character in the show thinks about that little while, then says "I hope that's the only thing they probed". This stuff makes me laugh to no end.


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