Friday, April 20, 2012

More than one letter


Many psychologists would also agree that introverts and extroverts work differently. Extroverts tend to tackle assignments quickly. They make fast (sometimes rash) decisions, and are comfortable multitasking and risk- taking. They enjoy "the thrill of the chase" for rewards like money and status. Introverts often work more slowly and deliberately. They like to focus on one task at a time and can have mighty powers of concentration. They're relatively immune to the lures of wealth and fame.


Not true. The author of the article above is working with scraps of knowledge, she has limited herself to a single letter in the MBTI type system. She also gets at least one US president's I/E typing wrong.

In terms of the functions, E/I division does not make a huge difference in profiling. An INTP will have Ti/Ne as their top two, an ENTP will have Ne/Ti. Same functions with different order. Einstein was INTP, Richard Feynman was ENTP. How differently did they work? Was Feynman rash in his decisions? Did he use a whopping constant to fit equations to a certain reality? No. Not that Einstein wasnt a brilliant scientist either, the point is everyone can blunder in this way or another, and can be "rash".

The ability to focusing is not an introversion feature, NTs in general, whether they are I or E are pretty good at this, as well as various other Si users, even at an auxillary, tertiary levels.

"A few things introverts are not: the word introvert is not a synonym for hermit or misanthrope.". Yes, this part is in line with Myers-Briggs.

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