Thursday, June 28, 2012


Syria downed a Turkish plane, who is right or wrong? Better question is what is normal and who took the risky step and went beyond the normal?

At a time when both sides are suspiciously eyeing eachother, a military jet flying recoinnassance missions is normal. Whether the jet entered the Syrian airspace is besides the point. It might have. But, Syrian regime took a step that it thought get them something. That something is giving Turkey a black eye, while at the same time giving a message to the Free Syrian Army. They did this on the cheap: Turkey's policy position was caught between neutrality accompanied by tough talk generated mainly for domestic consumption, with this action Syrian regime showed the fragile stance of the Turkish government.

The worst case scenario for Syria is already utter, total collapse. Nothing is worse than this, so shooting down a plane while claiming this and that isn't really a big deal. They do try to spin this however, as a country (regime) wronged by outside forces, and Putin (of the Russia-Iran-Syria bloc)  seemed to want to reenforce this outlook by all of a sudden showing a renewed interest in the Palestenian cause. The message: we are always on the side of the weak, and oppressed.

But in the end, all such little games are futile... These people need to understand -- there are forces bigger than you. All the realpolitik, all the maneuvers will not change the fact that people are not happy in Syria. Yes Russia's reach of influence that starts from Iran, through her, Iraq and Lebanon is threatened. So Iraq being ruled by majority was good for them increasing Iranian influence. But you cannot pick and choose now. It might just happen that the majority in Syria may opt out of your punk ass block. If that is so bad, lest not forget, the pain of that loss is also entirely on you. You shouldn't have spent decades under a system that turned your country into a basket case. You fucked up. And you will pay the price.

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