Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Conceptual Artisan

MTBI Artisans do have Ti ability, the ability to think conceptually. To be fair all types to a certain degree can use concepts, but in Ti users this is particularly strong. For an ISTP Ti is dominant; IOW it functions almost by itself, without much prodding / by default.

But (and this is a big but), ESTP and ISTP's are also predominantly sensor types. That makes them a very curious mix; You sense their conceptual bent, the way they want to focus on the essentials, and they say a lot of "right things", but whatever the chain of thinking always seems to be limited by .. some auxillary  thing. I've seen a lot of this by now; an ESTP/ISTP will have his facts, and some accompanying theories (not too imaginative, but, they have them), but then afterwards they'll immediately start going through the list of "powers that be" that -to them- seems to be the unmoveable, unchanging part of the world. It is as if they want to be able to say things in the spirit of "c'mon how could that be a tree there, you see, I saw no branches, all trees have branches" so forth.. So concepts are there, but tendency is to utilize them for sensor type things, and in the absence of that, their mind will find some other conceptual "immovable" and latch onto them.

I am sure this causes confusion in this type. Because an Artisan wants to be "out of the ordinary (unlike a Guardian)", "groundbreaking", but conceptually they are tied down to the "current world".

I also recently concluded their willingness,  hunger to demonstrate courage probably is a by-product of their need to be in the moment. Bcz realistically one cannot always live in the moment, if you try, your environment will get somewhat out of whack pushing the sane limits of what is doable. To offset this, STP definitely needs a lot of courage, IOW in order to be artificially present all the time, you need artificial courage all the time.

And throughout all of this, weaker Ne will keep playing games - future projections will look iffy, or downright scary. That can also mess with the courage thing,  especially if STP is stuck in environments where future does indeed start looking bleak and they need to think conceptually to save themselves from it.

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