Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Obama’s Changed Hope


He floats above. He holds back. And that rankles his allies and even some of his intimates not just because it wounds their vanity (though of course it does) but because it hampers his effectiveness. He loses some good will because of it. He forfeits opportunities. There are arms that go untwisted, egos that go un-stroked, backs that go un-slapped.



Bam apparently "got emotional" during the speech also - I heard - which is a sign of weak Fe. Weak external feeling has a distant, and at times romantic connection to humanity.

Aight. Dude here made a strong case for O being ENTP. We were hesitant to agree at the time, but he might be onto something. With weak Fe and (possible) introversion, Bam could even be INTP. Public speaking is not impossible for INTPs, especially if you have base type that'll give a little boost up your ass at time of need, so you can "turn it on" and do the song and dance if necessary. O's base type Under the Spotlight certainly could supply that on switch... UtS needs to be at forefront, and also stop trying to "fit in" which is also very opposite of Fe (but it's still there u see, because it is being battled with all the time, present and weak - more Jungian duality for you), so again INTP.

Blood type B / AB => weak (or no) sensor ability.

Now the fun part: one MBTI school of thought goes through all functions, even if they are not in top 4, and assigns them a label according to what they do in the psyche. It starts at the top and goes Dominating,  Supporting, .. , Backup, Discovery, Comedic. For INTP, Se is comedic. That is, the interpretation, sensation of the physical world outside is so weak, at that level, it can only be used for comedic effect. Nothing more. And the best joke I heard Bam ever make was about Bill Clinton "I dont know Bill Clinton is a brother, I have to see him dance first". I dont care if you are Democrat or Republican - the image of Bill Clinton dancing is the funniest shit u can conjure up in political stage.. So Se at Comedic level holds.

The reason I objected to Rational label for Bam for sometime is .. well, I know many Rationals, white and black; compared to them I kept thinking .. this nigger cannot even put two and two together. Seriously. His boneheaded remark about "saving newspapers" was one of the lowest points in his presidency, but I guess we'll file that under "I am aware of my shortcomings" category for now.

Weak (but present) Si would also imply a battle with the old way and new way of doing things.

An INTP certainly takes his / her sweet time before "getting started". They like to explore options more than going ahead with the final implementation. Albert Einstein (not that each INTP is on par with the man) certainly took his sweet time before coming up with his theories - at one point (before his final discovery) he even made a presentation where, among other guests, mathematician Hilbert was also present. That m-f-ker immediately latched on to the ideas he heard -the man had a frightening intellect- and started forming the theory of relativity on his own. At the end something must have lit a fire under Einstein (Hilbert or something else), so he finally finished the theory himself. But the point is, he took his sweeeeet time getting there. INTP is known to do this.

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