Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No Classrooms in Sweden


There’s a whole new classroom model and it’s a sight to behold. The
newest school system in Sweden look more like the hallways of Google
or Pixar and less like a brick-and-mortar school you’d typically see.

There are collaboration zones, houses-within-houses, and a slew of
other features that are designed to foster “curiosity and creativity.”
That’s according to Vittra, which runs 30 schools in Sweden. Their
most recent school, Telefonplan School (see photos below) in
Stockholm, could very well be the school of the future.

Architect Rosan Bosch designed the school to encourage both
independent and collaborative work such as group projects and
PBL. Even the furniture is meant to get students learning. Bosch says
each piece is meant to “aid students in engaging” while working.

The un-schoolness doesn’t stop with the furniture and layout
though. The school has no letter grades, students learn in groups
based on their level and not age.

Most of all, admission to the school is free as long as one of the
child’s parents pays taxes in Sweden and the child has a ‘personal
number’ which is like a social security number to our U.S. readers.

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