Thursday, February 14, 2013


Brezinksi article

Matters have been not helped by the American media’s characterization of the Obama administration’s relative rebalancing of focus toward Asia as a “pivot” (a word never used by the president)

Actually it was

You are slippin old man..

With blunt instruments typically used by governments, such as this "rebalancing" etc, can one say military matters cannot, ever be part of the act and the message? C'mon. At least you'd ruffle some feathers and hint some stuff.

Well - while we are at it, here are some other things that are happening at the same time. 1) US of A, through fracking, thinks it will be self sufficient in natural gas and oil production. 2) And rebalances towards Asia. Then: does that mean less US involvement in Middle East? Since US of A produces its own oil, can it now affort to get out of ME?

Then, is ME being left to EU to "manage"? Are geographically close regions to EU such as North Africa now officially EU backyard? Case in point France (and German) involvement in Mali. US inaction in Syria.

Does EU want to strenghten its military involvement in this new backyard?

Did EU ask Britain to get involved more in that effort since it has a more experienced in such matters? Did Cameron use this opportunity to renegotiate his relationship with EU (you need me more, you give me more)? Is that why Turkey wants more leeway in its progress on EU membership because it sees it would be an important stepping stone to manage Middle East, in this brave new world?

Just brainstorming here on some strategery. In the end though, this is all small-time stuff. Much larger forces are in play now.

But, I do agree we are in a way, in the Post-Hegemonic Age.

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