Monday, February 3, 2014

I, Teacher

Issac Asimov on computerized education... Watching the interview made me remember one of his books, Prelude to Foundation in which mathematician Hari Seldon travels across a planet. At one point, he meets a poor little kid Raych (I looked this up -I have all Asimov books electronically-), and gives him a educational computer in return for some item. "Wanna learn math? Here it is". Hah! In another conversation, someone asks Seldon,

D: You can program computers, I suppose.”
HS: “Of course.”
D: “I’m talking about teaching computers, you understand, and I’m asking if you can devise programs to teach various phases of contemporary mathematics.”
HS: “Yes, that’s part of my profession. I’m assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Helicon.”

Hear that? It's part of his profession.

Work, etc

(New way is too slow) An interesting article: says "simply having the option to decline a task has been shown to boost productivity ...