Monday, February 10, 2014

Less of a Bad Thing

I once read about Singh's economic reforms in India during the 90s; and almost all of the items had to do with the state being .. less of itself. Roughly the reforms amount to 1) state does not do this 2) state does not do that .. and the list goes on. The reform trend is already less state. The EU is all about individual states bitchslapping eachother to make them less of a state, diluting eachother's influence, starting with the most powerful countries of them all - France and Germany [3]. And building up on this post, this has a dependence reduction effect, that is, it decreases the dependency of people to their respective states. The state bureucracies might depend on eachother more, but nation-states being what they are [2], this unnaturalness is a good thing [1].

This is a good principle to follow in the 21 century - states should balance eacother more. China should slap North Korea, to make it less North Korea, Russia to China, EU US, US  bitchslapping Iran to be .. whatever frack it is right now. In the meantime we, the people, produce and trade.


[1] Dependence in trade is not enough to stop a industrial war machine, before World War I the country with which Germany traded most was France.

[2] Nation-states are industrial creations and suffering from centralization, maximization, concentration can "lose it", through nationalism and militarism can easily become "Rome with Artillery".

[3] It is said that Germany made a concious choice to create this dependency,  binding themselves to other states in a way WWII could not happen again.

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