Friday, April 25, 2014


Continuing from here: Andreessen says "What would have been the cost to a consumer of the equivalent to access to Google 20 years ago? And how is that accounted for in economic statistics such as GDP, productivity, and income levels?". The problems dont just end there.. Some activities, not even related to software, contribute to economy in a major way but not measured properly. This viral video started by a greeting card company makes the point clear. A mock interviewer (who is actually an actor) describes an open position to unsuspecting interviewees - this role would require them to work continuously throughout the year without any breaks, the pay is zilch and the workload will increase during holidays such as Christmas and New Year. As for qualification, the candidate should be able to multitask and should be equipped with crisis management skills. The joke is that this is exactly the job description of a mother. It was hilarious to watch the responses of the candidates; one actually said the role described is "inhumane and insane". I lost it there.

Anyway - so we all know the unmeasured effect of tech things, i.e. the immense reach and influence of open source (this fact is clearer now I assume after the heartbleed bug). How about the contribution of a mother to an economy? Or parents in general?

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