Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spaceship Game Played through Occulus Rift Brings a Man To Tears


After a bit of setup and jumping through various Rift demos, the Elite: Dangerous servers came back online after receiving a major update; opening their doors to the world (and me) as part of the Standard Beta. Just moments into the multiplayer game, I realised it. E:D in the Oculus Rift DK2 is simply the single best gaming experience I have had to date in my 29 year life. I sat on this statement this morning, comparing memories which may have been better in both indie and triple A titles, but E:D plus DK2 beat them all by comparisons, hands down. So, what floored me and evoked surprise and emotions I never thought would surface while gaming? Initially, it was the sight of a rotating space station with a planet far below and trails of smoke from recent passers by which made the entire scene electric to me. I just sat there and soaked it in as the small beeps and sounds of my ship ticking over reminded me that I, too, was alive and part of it all. As I took a flyby of a floating city and docking station, something about the detail level and ethereal combination of elements caused an involuntary tear to roll down my right check in front of more Twitch viewers than I thought I would ever have. I have never felt that in a game. I know others will feel this with me, in time. I realised am no longer waiting for change, in fact. The world -has- changed. It has changed forever.


Occulus Rift is the VR headset company recently acquired by Facebook. Trailer video from the game Elite: Dangerous is here. Looks good.

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