Monday, July 28, 2014


We've been putting this off for a while; a detailed profile of brother Putin. The man lost his sh.t, so some clarification is in order. Let's start with the most important one, and we'll get to others later.

Putin's main profile attribute is called High Horse. As the name suggests, a feeling of specialness, feeling superior to others, ordering people around is part of their character build-up, and something they need to get away from as it is the suboptimal route. It can easily lead them to ruin.

Sometimes we also call this the Ataturk Profile -- because it was shared by a certain Kemal A., the founder of Turkland. This makes pointing out the negatives on P somewhat easier -- everything that was wrong Kemal is wrong with this guy. KA was also given to bouts of authoritarian tendencies, shifting things around just to exercise authority (they feel like it), and known for being stubborn and headstrong. There is another similarity as it relates to the man and his country, but we'll get to that at the end.

The key to understanding these people is this -- their hidden (but unfillable) desire is to be loved, madly, by a woman especially, and by as many people as possible secondly, while this happens they want to be at the center staaaage, with their special someone, they get all this looove, adulation, they're under the spotlight and shit, there are all these idiots around clapping madly, it's like so awesome. That is the main idea. Fucking close curtains.

However this is exactly what they need to get away from. HH needs to connect to others, noticing others' importance (such as other countries, hello), and try to make decisions that are optimal for the group. The bigger the better. Messing shit up for an entire region of people while nominally gaining some tactical benefit for yours is not cool. An oft observed attribute of this profile is a want for excessive risk taking, in gambling, in love, or in other areas. They have melodramatic tendencies, can also display arrogant responses, but don't be confused, they will largely stem from fear.

So; wanting to be loved, be affirmed, while wanting to feel special is a  bottomless hole for HH.  Vlad at Sochi for example -- there he wanted to loooved, and be affiiiirmed (for his New Russia or whatever the phuk he calls it) but he got the Ukranian situation blowing up in his face instead. He was so sad. Pout.

Coming back to Kemal - in summary we could say HH is the profile of a king, and this is the easy thing to do for them. Their development path is not to be that, noticing equality and supporting others, and assuming a less visible role actually; Now looking at history we can see when Kemal was #1 his country was in dire straits. Same could be said for Russia of 2000. IOW both leaders did what was required, used their natural tendencies not their potential because their respective countries hit rock bottom [1].

This is a relation we started to look at quite recently, if a country, a group, or a company can push / propel / give chance people in line with their development path, that is a good sign for that country because that means there is enough bandwidth there for people development.

But Russia still has the guy who is the natural king who should not be. This suggests things are not going well for Russia (still?). Or, things are better and others are still not being given a chance. Either way, the reign of Putin must come to an end.

More might follow on this. Here is our BC address. Let's hear some ka-ching! 1N4TAV22MQHF4QTXnedt91EZBieAqx1Trf


[1] To his credit, Kemal also managed to pull himself out of the limelight most of the time later in his reign and empower his comrade in arms and friend Ismet as PM. Internationally he also tried to create win/win situations (something an HH needs to strive for).

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