Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Is Is IsIs


Isis is an archaic organization

It is

Isis represents peasant Islam, they are squarely in 1st the Wave. Peasant Islam, just like peasant Christianity or peasant Buddism is nothing to brag at home about. Agrarian societies have a large number of population living off the land, and also have another group who make their living by taxing or plundering food and other items from them. Entire countries, empires were built around these principles - Rome, Ottoman Empire being one of the noteable barbaric examples. They are parasites living off the produce of others.

Farming communities themselves have a slow way of life, in proximity to few other people, closed off from the much of the world, hence they are bigoted, averse to change and are backward as phuck.

Isis belongs to that world. And looking their recent behaviour they are also an organization who need to be .. dealt with. It is unfathomable to me how after their taking of Musul neighboring countries and regional governments sat on their ass and did nothing.


After people saw what a normal person Eichmann was "the banality of evil" concept was formed

He was simply an industrial worker

.. who are by definition banal. In that sense Eichmann, even though a bureucrat,  was no different from any industrial worker on an assembly line in United States, Russia or Britain. On an assembly line a part comes in, the worker screws in that one screw at the same spot with the same tool, over and over again. The job has been simplified, made "banal" to take all forms of thinking out of it. Work, education, health were all organized around the same principles. The step you can take from mass production, mass consumption to mass destruction is simply a change of focus, not a change of character. One-size-fits all approach can bring society standardized paper cups, but it also brings state nationalism. That is the system the man lived in. If he didnt do what he did, others who could would be found.


Why are whistle-blowers like Snowden are increasing in numbers?

Because they are 3rd Wave minded technologists who must think

.. and as a side effect of that thinking, you develop a conscience, and these people, in greater numbers are pushed into action. High levels of strategy is not too different from morality -- even though a lot of MBTI Idealists have an hard time accepting this. Doing the optimal "smart thing" in the long run is also the nice and "correct" thing to do.

Nowadays 3rd Wave workers, product managers, programmers, marketers, investors constantly use their head, process information, strategize in numbers previously unseen in the world. Information, by its very nature, is egalitarian, and processing, using, utilizing it requires people who arent banal or idiots. These people will not tolerate things that are out-of-place, unfair - opposite of a good strategy.

Work, etc

(New way is too slow) An interesting article: says "simply having the option to decline a task has been shown to boost productivity ...