Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vlad - Part #2

Continuing with the profile of brother Putin...

So on top of High Horse, another characteristic the man carries is Above the Clouds. This one is interesting; it introduces a lightness to the character (softening HH), making them more approachable, appreciate abstract thinking, beauty, traveling, art, and, computers (weird but true dunno why). AtC side of a person has a child-like, Peter Pan quality.

The downside is mostly around issues of trust, and their fear of being betrayed. Not knowing how much to give or to get, how intimate to become and not, AtC interaction with others is becomes a hot and cold thing - like a puppy who slowly approaches a stranger, only to draw back, then approach, then draw back, it's an on and off, sure / unsure, hesitant, guarded affair. They want to get out to the world, relate and help others etc, but deep inside of these people's subconscious, the "outside" is somehow threatening. Subconciously they search for worlds of beauty and adventure, where the politics and deceptions of the human world are left behind, or at least held at bay. This can make AtC cynical about all forms of political undertaking, if they cant control it.

Most AtC's I know also suffer from paranoia. Clearly we can see Putin suffers from this ailment to the degree that he is probably unfit to be a head of state. Paranoia is related to their trust issues, AtC usually does feel safe enough to put aside their mental shields; and acting on it makes things only worse. On relationships for example, AtC assumes they're going to be left out, and to the degree they act that like they expect it, they do get left out. But the reason was their idioatic paranoia to begin with that became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In the negative, AtC can get messed up in three ways that can tear them apart. One part can cause them to get stressed from thinking too much, resulting in possible allergies; another makes them feel scattered, dependent, and resentful, which compromises the adrenals and nervous system; and another (as we mentioned) makes them sensitive to feelings of betrayal and constricted around the heart area.

The overarching issue of AtC is this - they seek on the outside; in the form of teachers, new experiences, adventures, etc.  but focus needs to turn inward, being aware of what goes on between their own ears, so to speak. They make hidden, incorrect assumptions about trust, and can easily fall in the trap of misunderstanding. Being explicit on things can improve matters, such as making clear agreements, communicating so forth.

How would the interplay between HH and AtC be? One side is mild in manners, other is an hard-ass. It is tough to answer this question. I know of only one other person who has AtC coupled with an hard-ass profile; he is an AtC and a Control Freak. CF has issues around, well.. control, and they need to let go and learn to go with the flow etc. 100% of the time they end up being MBTI Guardians also, which should not be too surprising. So this person had both attributes equally blended I think, and it was fascinating to watch them at play actually, in this one person - yes, the asshole side could come out depening on stress levels, but it would not "stay too long", because the positive of CF and the natural lightness of AtC would calm things down. Line of work made a difference too; in his younger years as a manager the said person was more of an hard-ass, after retirement, working for himself he is much happier and more of an AtC perhaps.

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