Saturday, August 9, 2014

Vlad - Part #3

There are positive stuff on P's profile, but even those usually have a certain slant that end up tilting the attribute toward the negative. Say, attribute #288 which "in adverserial relationships gives a person the ability to sense public moods, think strategically and understand its opponents". However there is an addendum to it which indicates if a certain other attribute exists along with the the main one (and it does for P) "then this person can act in a sensationalist manner, not logically, which will be dangerous for himself". So these people confuse sensationalism with strategy.

And, "coupled with sensationalism, a turbulence of emotion can be experienced which they are advised to protect against because it can easily overwhelm their minds".

Under stress they are prone to be nebulous, dreamy, and irrational.

Another. Attribute #281.

They have big egos, and, in an odd kind of way, their identity rides on a sense of personal freedom. In degenerate cases they dont want to do anything others want them to do because they wont be "free" that way and their identity is stulted -in their mind- if they go along.

They question authority, tradition [fine] but paradoxically they are quite set in their ways.

They also have a love-hate relationship with their own uniqueness. Most of the time they will be very proud of their original personalities. Other times, they feel a bit left out for being "different". So I guess the incoherent nonsense Vlad mumbles about the West can be tied to this attribute more than any other. Guy wants to be unique, be free ... to mess up a neighboring country for example, while claiming to have a New Russia (new identity, different) which is actually Old Russia, Soviet style. He is like "treat us as if we are unique". But not too different either. It's like, understand us even when we dont know what we mean.

Errr - grow up.. or something?

Attribute #270.

In his youth he was humbled in some way, he could not express his free will, in a direct way; the expression of their ego was thwarted, he was painfully aware of they wanted but did not always get. The biggest advice to people with #270 is three words: control your impulses.


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