Sunday, November 30, 2014

Q&A - 30/11


How do US Zionist-Christians who are goading all Jews to Israel find such wide-spread acceptance?

Not exactly

For a while they were heard / listened to more than their idiotic argument deserved. But these people are actually patsies themselves - they were maneuvered into this position because they had the right mentality. They were "needed" in a certain ideological and strategic context, so they were put out there getting preferential treatment. The strategic environment is this; Iran is out of the "system", they have an anti-Israel rhetoric, then there is Israel's own beligerence that drew ire from all Arabs all of which causes US to defend them. In this context, Christian-Zionist patsies are "plugged in" to bridge the so-called religious right with the rest of the establishment. It is easy to push forward idiots like this - one speech here one there, few think-tanks, couple "conservative" thinkers repeating this non-sense; soon theirs will be the only voice you'll hear. Stranger things have happened.


What is your favorite song?

My Biznitch Is The Shiznit




Seriously; It is Burn, by Deep Purple. 


Why do a lot of rappers in videos talk or sing towards the camera?

It represents something

Conciously or subconciously, rappers in these videos represent / act the part of a black man in jail - the camera eye then becomes the tiny hole you, the viewer or in general "the white man" looks at them, at the "brother in lock-up", and they are protesting, they are in your face. There is a lot of expression there, it is truly art.

Note: Wikipedia: According to Michelle Alexander, the United States "imprisons a larger percentage of its black population than South Africa did at the height of apartheid".

Q&A - 21/5

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