Monday, January 26, 2015

Money and Honeys


“By partnering with Ingenico Group, worldwide leader in seamless payment, Paymium reaches a new milestone in the development of Bitcoin. We now allow any European merchant to simply accept payments using the Bitcoin network without risk, since transactions collected in bitcoins are immediately converted to Euros.”-Gonzague Grandval, Paymium co-founder.

The partnership will now open up the ability to accept bitcoins for Ingenico’s large merchant base. Europe has been one of the hottest bitcoin markets but wide bitcoin adoption has been missing. This new partnership will allow merchants all over Europe to accept bitcoin without having to worry about the volatility or integrating new POS system.

Merchants will now be able to enjoy the usual marketing bonus from accepting bitcoin and the loyal customer base that follows. Other benefits of accepting include lower transaction fees and no chargebacks (and thus a huge reduction of fraud).

“We are very pleased to partner with Paymium to enrich our dedicated Business Applications Marketplace”-Michel Léger, EVP Global Sales and Marketing at Ingenico Group.“This allows us to bring more value to merchants through our terminals, enabling them to offer their customers a new consumer experience.”

Ingenico is one of the largest payment processors in Europe. The company has installed over 2.2 million POS terminals and has processed over 3.5 billion euros worth of merchant transactions. The company also operates outside Europe, providing its services to over 120 countries.


♫ ♬Wake up in the morning ♫ ♬ take a money shower ♫ ♬
Ba-Bad Boy money (Uh-huh) Martin and Will (That's right)
♫ ♬ My face good money, they should put me on the bill (C'mon)
Gettin with model chicks ♫ ♬ throwin' minks on the toddlers (You know it)
♫ ♬ NASDAQ money ♫ ♬ Dow Jones Combs (C'mon man)

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