Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Q&A - 17/3


UBS, Bank of America, and Morgan Stanley stand out in the global wealth management industry, each responsible for handling more than $1 trillion in investors' assets.

But they're now under siege from well-funded startups that offer a wide array of advisory services at a low cost thanks to broad use of automated functions.

These are the robo-advisors.

We're only in the first inning of the wealth management wars, but this business that has historically been dominated by well-staffed big banks and a network of good-old-boy relationships is seeing its competitive landscape evolve rapidly [..] Betterment, Wealthfront, FutureAdvisor and Personal Capital are among these new firms.



Is Hillary Clinton a misunderstood INTJ?

It's possible

We've been monitoring this for some time.. it is possible. If that is the case, we'd support Hillary, as Gore -the other INTJ- doesn't seem to be interested in running. If it comes down to Bush III vs Clinton II, it is definitely Clinton II: at least it is the lower number.

Plus Larry Summers started to make some right noises about employment, technology, even redistribution, and he is advising the Clinton campaign.

Too bad I wont be able to tell any Clinton jokes now. I had some good ones too.


Why not Bush?

Common Turd

Standardizing education will not work as it is an industrial era modern concoction, which is exactly what Common Core is. Conservatives are up in arms about it as they should be.

Guns and Butter

Peter Schiff "We had a lot of problems that happened in 70s, under Nixon and Ford. But those problems started in the 60s, the great ...