Monday, May 4, 2015


Exciting announcement. While we are on the issue of technology; can we clone Elon Musk so we can have 10 instead of 1? Seriously.

Coincidentally, I was also reading Jeremy Rifkin's The Third Industrial Revolution today; in this work the main thesis is that whenever new communication methods merge with new energy systems civilization level changes occur. He claims we are on the cusp of another one, Internet communication merging with green energy (both favoring decentralized structures -hence civilizational change-). For the green energy option to work however, smart grid and storage is key, and here comes in Mr. Musk pushing the frontier on that one. All that, while open sourcing their inventions! Very cool.

Yo Bitch

Link Twitter’s trust and safety group, responsible for safeguarding users, was run by Del Harvey, Twitter employee No. 25. [..] Her lack ...